🌳 Tree of Thought AGI 🌳 Explore the frontiers of AGI with innovative "Tree of Thoughts" framework. 🚀 Enhancing language models with strategic reasoning and exploration, we empower them to solve complex problems


Tree of Thought AGI

Welcome to the Tree of Thought AGI project!

Tree of Thought AGI is an open-source initiative that explores the fascinating realm of artificial general intelligence (AGI). Our goal is to advance language models beyond token-level decision-making and empower them with strategic reasoning and problem-solving abilities using the innovative "Tree of Thoughts" framework.

The Tree of Thought approach revolutionizes how language models process and analyze information. It allows models to consider multiple reasoning paths, self-evaluate choices, and explore different possibilities, resembling the way human minds navigate complex problem spaces. By extending language models' capabilities, we aim to unlock new frontiers in AGI and enhance their problem-solving potential.

Key Features:

  • Interactive Problem Solving: With our web-based interface, users can input problems and witness the AI agent employ the Tree of Thought approach to find solutions. You'll witness the power of AGI in action.
  • Autonomous or Guided Exploration: Choose between autonomous problem-solving, where the AI agent independently navigates through different thoughts, or guide its thought process to influence decision-making.
  • Visualize the Thought Tree: The frontend interface leverages the React Flow library to visualize the Tree of Thoughts, providing an intuitive representation of reasoning paths and decision points.
  • Versatile Problem Domains: Tree of Thought AGI is designed to tackle a wide range of problem domains. From solving puzzles like the Game of 24 and Mini Crosswords to generating creative writing, the possibilities are vast.

We invite you to join our community and contribute to the development of this cutting-edge AGI framework. Whether you are an AI enthusiast, developer, or researcher, your participation can help shape the future of AGI and advance the field of natural language processing.

Explore the project, try out the demo, contribute code, or share your ideas with us. Together, let's embark on a journey to unravel the full potential of artificial general intelligence!


This project is uses the Flux repository by paradigmxyz as a base template to build on top of. The original repository can be found here.