I'm building a SAAS that allows you to easily search , compare and get offers on courses.

Coursurf is the ultimate online platform for finding and comparing courses from top providers. With Coursurf, you can easily search and compare courses based on your interests, budget, and learning goals. Whether you're looking to upskill in a new subject, enhance your career prospects, or simply follow a personal passion, Coursurf provides you with all the information you need to make informed decisions about your education. Our website aggregates courses from leading providers, so you can compare options and find the perfect course for you. Get started today and take the first step towards reaching your educational goals.

Problem Statement

With thousands of courses available from various providers and institutions, it can be challenging for learners to select the right course that matches their interests and career goals. Even with extensive research, learners may still not be confident in their course selection. This is where Coursurf comes in, providing a one-stop-shop for learners to find and compare courses quickly and easily.


Coursurf uses AI algorithms to analyze course data including the content, provider, reviews, and ratings. This data is then used to provide course recommendations and search results tailored to the learner's interests, budget, and goals. Coursurf's knowledge base includes all the major course providers and institutions to ensure that the user has access to comprehensive course information.

Unique Selling Point

Coursurf's AI-powered course recommendation and search feature is what sets us apart from other course comparison platforms. Our algorithms provide personalized course recommendations that match the learner's interests, budget, and goals, making it easier for them to select a course that will benefit their career prospects.

How We Are Using AI

At Coursurf, we are leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to provide personalized course recommendations and search results to our users. We use machine learning models to analyze course data, including course content, provider information, reviews, and ratings. Our natural language processing (NLP) techniques extract valuable information from reviews and ratings to identify trends and sentiment analysis to provide more accurate recommendations. We also use collaborative filtering and content-based filtering techniques to suggest courses that are similar to those a user has already shown interest in. This helps us to identify more personalized recommendations for our users based on their unique interests and goals. Our AI algorithms are continually being refined and updated to improve the relevance and accuracy of our recommendations. We believe that by leveraging AI, we can provide a more personalized and efficient approach to course selection, helping learners achieve their education and career goals.

User Workflow

Users begin by creating an account with Coursurf and providing information about their interests, budget, and career goals. Coursurf's AI algorithms analyze this information and provide personalized course recommendations. Users can then browse courses, filter by criteria such as price and provider, and view course details including syllabus, reviews, and ratings. Once a user has selected a course, they can enroll and begin learning. Coursurf provides progress tracking and completion certificates to help users stay on track and achieve their education and career goals.